Terms of Use

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Thank you for providing information about rbrrecords.com, a website offering a variety of free ringtones across different genres. Before using the service, users are encouraged to carefully read the following terms and policies:


Users are allowed to use ringtones or any data provided on the website for non-commercial purposes.
Proper attribution and referencing of the source are encouraged, while maintaining the integrity of links to resources on the website.

Information Usage:

Cookie collection is conducted to research user behavior for the purpose of improving and enhancing the website’s quality.
rbrrecords.com commits not to share or sell users’ personal information to any third party.

Service Usage:

Users must use rbrrecords.com services reasonably and adhere to the specified rules and terms.
Prohibited behavior includes distributing content that violates the law or harms others.

Terms Modification:

rbrrecords.com reserves the right to change and update usage terms without prior notice to users.
Detailed information about adjustments will be posted on the website as soon as changes occur. Users are encouraged to regularly review these terms for the latest updates.

Thank you!

This information reflects the commitment of rbrrecords.com to providing free and diverse ringtones while establishing guidelines for user behavior and privacy protection. If you have any questions or need further clarification, feel free to ask.